Strategic Foundations brings leadership within your organization to achieve its highest level through establishing your foundation, developing your core, and igniting growth.

Alan "Blues" Baker is principal of Strategic Foundations, where he teaches, coaches, and catalyzes organizations valuing the intersection of learning, leadership, and faith.

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What We Do

Strategic Foundations will help you establish and articulate a solid organizational foundation by identifying your context, relevancy, and core capabilities. From this strategic foundation, you will be able to answer the WHY and WHAT that are essential toward building sound organizational decisions about services, structure, staffing, products, and programs.

Second, Strategic Foundations will guide your staff, board, volunteers, and members to mobilize around your vision and mission as you identify and develop their core competencies. They will gain indispensable strength and discover new talents needed by your organization in order to accomplish the core mission. Highlights include what your people gain from training, education, and creating the right chemistry.  From this strategic foundation, you will be able to answer the WHO and HOW.

And, finally, Strategic Foundations will help you ignite growth by leveraging capacity. We help you discover new ways to accelerate implementation of your mission. Our focus on resource acquisition and allocation is vital because capacity relates not only to resources, but also leveraging capacity-building tools such as phasing, scaling, prioritizing, and experimenting as they gain economies of scale and efficiencies of time.   From this strategic foundation, you will be able to plan the WHERE and WHEN of location and timing as your organization flourishes.

Bottom Line

If you establish an unimpeachable organizational foundation, you will build into your people the right competencies while you simultaneously develop the requisite capacity to advance your mission. 

Most organizations fail because they invert this basic process. They let their available capacity drive expired capabilities due to subtle vision drift. This is a losing proposition. They are not building on a solid foundation. You can.

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